Filed under: attempts to write religious allegory when you were raised Jewish.

  1. wryan said: Larry, Moe, Curly, Steve, Karl Marx, Groucho Marx, Other Steve, Ricky (he’s a guy who can “get things” like “herpes”), Dobby the House-Elf, Kit Harrington, Other Other Steve, and St. Peter who is sometimes called Simon.
  2. hidingundertrees said: They’re all called “Paul.”
  3. metricfigure said: I UNFORTUNATELY have this memorized from grade school so here you go: Peter, Simon, Philip, Jude, Judas, 2 different James, Bartholomew, John, Thomas, Andrew, Matthew, and Mary Magdelan.
  4. christopherlindstrom said: i THINK THREE OF THEM ARE NAMED GLEN I’M NOT SURE THO
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