"It’s like where food and money come to have sex!"

  1. One of the best things you haven’t watched on Hulu is Kitchen Confidential.
  2. I have always maintained that Bradley Cooper was best when he was on TV. Between this show and Alias, he was so much more charming on television than he ever was once he did The Hangover.
  3. I feel a lot of similarities between Kitchen Confidential and Party Down, but one of the biggest is a fantastic supporting cast. Kitchen Confidential took a lot of fantastic supporting actors from various other shows and put them into one ensemble, including Nicholas Brendon (from Buffy), John Cho (from being in, like, all of the things), and babyfaced John Francis Daley (then, only known for Freaks & Geeks, but now on Bones). 
  4. Kitchen Confidential, like many other shows, got cancelled long before it should have, but the original 13 episodes are all on Hulu for free and if you want to commit to about six hours of quality television, I’d say go for this.